GoodBye Anna Mae, RIP Tina Turner

The Queen

In memory of Tina Turner, a legend so true, Her voice like thunder, captivating and true.
She sang of strength and triumph, a warrior with grace, Her music touched our hearts, left an indelible trace.

Simply the Best” was her anthem, a rallying cry, Inspiring us to greatness, reaching for the sky.
With every note she sang, she stirred our souls, Her power and passion, beyond any control.

Her voice, a force of nature, a gift from above, She conquered the stage with her boundless love.
Through trials and tribulations, she stood tall, A testament to resilience, breaking down every wall.

Tina Turner, forever etched in our hearts, Her music lives on, a timeless work of art.
Her legacy, a testament to talent and drive, A shining star, who continues to thrive.

In memory of Tina Turner, we honor her name, Her spirit lives on, her music forever the same.
She touched our lives with her voice so pure, A legend, an icon, an eternal allure, she was the Queen, simply the Best.

Thank you Anna Mae 💖
Simon de Lafronde

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