Single and Loving It: The Power and Joy of Embracing Your Single Life


Being single often gets a bad reputation in society. It’s seen as a phase to be quickly overcome, or as a status that is pitied. But the truth is, a single life can be a wonderful and fulfilling experience in its own right. In this quick interview, we spoke with Anna, a 30-year-old woman from Toronto Canada, who has been happily single for several years. Anna shares her insights on the benefits of being single, how to overcome societal pressures, and how to fully embrace and enjoy your single life.

Andrea: Can you tell us a bit about your experience with being single?

Anna: Sure! I’ve been single for about five years now, and I absolutely love it. I’ve had a few short-term relationships during that time, but ultimately I always come back to being single. I love having the freedom to do what I want, when I want, and to focus on my own personal growth and goals.

Andrea: What are some of the benefits of being single that you’ve discovered?

Anna: There are so many! For one, I have complete autonomy over my time and decisions. I can travel whenever I want, pursue any hobbies or interests that I want, and really focus on my career and personal growth. Being single has also allowed me to develop deeper friendships and relationships with my family, since I have more time and energy to devote to those connections. And finally, I think being single has helped me develop a stronger sense of self, since I don’t rely on a partner for validation or fulfillment.

Andrea: Have you ever felt societal pressure to be in a relationship?

Anna: Absolutely. There is definitely a stigma against being single, especially for women. People assume that if you’re single, there must be something wrong with you, or that you’re just not trying hard enough to find a partner. I think this pressure comes from a societal expectation that everyone should eventually settle down and get married. But the truth is, not everyone wants that, and that’s perfectly okay.

Andrea: How do you respond to people who ask you why you’re still single?

Anna: I usually just laugh it off and say that I’m still waiting for Mr. Right to come along. But the truth is, I don’t feel like I need to justify my relationship status to anyone. Being single is a choice that I’ve made because it makes me happy, and I don’t owe anyone an explanation for that.

Andrea: Some people might argue that not wanting to share all aspects of life with a partner is a form of selfishness. How would you respond to that criticism?

Anna: I understand where that perspective is coming from, but I don’t necessarily see it as selfishness. I think it’s important to prioritize self-care and personal growth, and being single can provide more opportunities for that. It’s not that I don’t want to share my life with someone or experience the ups and downs together, but I believe that being in a healthy and fulfilling relationship requires two individuals who are already secure in themselves and their own lives. Plus, being single doesn’t mean I don’t have close relationships with friends and family, who are also there for the good and bad times. Ultimately, I think it’s important to do what feels right for you and your own personal journey, rather than conforming to societal expectations or pressures.

Andrea: What advice would you give to someone who is struggling to embrace their single life?

Anna: My advice would be to focus on the positives of being single, and to really lean into the things that make you happy and fulfilled. Take this time to develop yourself and your passions, and to build deep connections with the people around you. And remember that being single is not a failure or a reflection of your worth as a person. It’s simply a different path in life, and one that can be just as fulfilling and rewarding as being in a relationship.

End of interview.

I would resume with the fact to being single is not something to be pitied or rushed through. It’s a unique and fulfilling experience that can bring you closer to yourself and those around you. By embracing your single life, you can discover new passions, build deep connections, and truly thrive on your own terms. So if you’re single and loving it, don’t let anyone tell you otherwise!

Note: For privacy reasons, the photo displayed in this article is obviously not Anna ☺

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